Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Farewell Church Tour, Part II

I visited Bruce Kaumba's church in Kanyama with my family this past weekend. 

Now to appreciate that simple sentence, you will have to look at this link, and then this one, and then especially this one and this one and then this one to get a full appreciation of who Bruce is, the perseverance of his church plant and the journey towards a building...

They have a cool little prayer time for all of the children, and so my kids went up.
The view towards the front, beyond the church, to people getting water out of the pump on the church property

Did you check the links? Especially the especially ones?

And, so we went as a family, knowing that it was going to be around 96 degrees that morning. And it was.

But there was some good news. It didn’t feel 96 degrees because there was a wind blowing through. 

But the bad news was that the wind was really, really strong, and it rattled the plastic that was around the church so loud that whoever was speaking couldn’t be heard. And it blew up the dust and dirt something fierce so that our clothes were covered. And we had to squint or close our eyes during the strong winds so that it wouldn’t get in our eyes. But, poor little sick JoJo, she kept crying out when the dust would get in her eyes, so Mom had to sacrifice her glasses for little JoJo. 

So, when the singing was done and the announcements covered, I preached.  They had to move the podium out of the direct glare of the sun and a little more into the shade. I had never gotten a sunburn preaching before. But, there is a first time for everything. Bruce provided translation for me as I preached about the fear of God. Thankfully the wind did die down as I got up to preach, but I still competed with the flapping tarps and had to talk loudly (see: yell) and I kept the sermon nice and short. 

This church was special to our family because it was the church we had visited the most as family.  The ride to the church across town was an adventure. Driving through compounds never cease to amaze us.  We brought a bunch of softies (soda) and cookies to celebrate this last time with them.  I had one left... So thankful I wasn’t short!

So, witnessing the wind first hand, I told Bruce that I would donate $100 dollars for 100 bricks if his church would match that 100 to make 200.  With 200 bricks, he should be able to at least cover that brutal corner where the wind was whipping through... Pangono, pangono... (bit by bit)

I told him afterwards how proud I was of him. He has persevered and the church is growing.  There are a great mix of young and old, young men and older men, and a lot of kids. Having been with him through the four years, I have seen the struggle and the ups and the many downs...  Praise God for faithful pastors like Bruce! 

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