Friday, November 11, 2011

Sanctuary Bible School

I just wanted to share something really cool that made my day. During my
Thursday morning pastors breakfast, we were talking about finishing up our
school in the next weeks and what was next. Somehow the conversation got
onto starting a Bible School and I just challenged the four of them to
consider starting a school together. Now, this idea of working together in a
Zambian context is very difficult. There is so much pride and ego that
seems to always run amuck. I suggested this so that some could teach, and
others could have a break, some could run the administration, etc. since
they are working, pastoring and running their family. And what was amazing,
they loved it. In fact, they had been talking about it. They see the need
and they want to train up pastors with the training they have received. One
pastor said, "We have received this training for free. We are accountable to
give it away."

They had received a call from a pastor named Shadreck from the 2:7 class in
previous years to do a preaching conference in Kabanana. They had heard that
they guys had done a conference before and wanted them to come and teach in
his compound. Out of that grew the idea to use a conference as a platform
to select 15 guys to start a three year Bible school, doing just what we did
with them. I am emailing you this so you can rejoice, obviously, for their
Spirit of unity and desire to multiply what we are doing, but also just to
let you know what these guys are thinking.

After talking with Tracy a few days later, I was able to see how important
it is that these pastors, first, establish their young churches so that when
the do have this Bible school, they are training pastors from experience and
not just giving head knowledge. But, overall, I thought their hearts are
right and I look forward to how God will use them to encourage and train up
pastors in the future...

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Herding Grasshoppers said...

I love the technology/email potential, but I love this more... AWESOME!

2 Timothy 2:2 is alive and well in Lusaka :D