Friday, November 11, 2011

Technology helping pastors stay in touch

During a Thursday morning breakfast with the four pastors whom I meet weekly
with, we were talking about us going home. How are we going to keep in
touch? EMAIL! The problem is that they have no email, no computer, and no
way for the wonderful ways of technology to help us stay in touch. Hmm...
What to do? I know, get them an email and teach them how to use it. So,
last Thursday, instead of breakfast at our house, we went to Manda Hill to
the Bread Café to get donuts and then go to the Internet Café right next
door for internet. The problem was the donuts weren't ready for 30 minutes
and the internet was down. Hmm... We tried Post Net. Down, too. Went to
Vasilis! Score! Got donuts and pastries. And then mosied down to Zamtel
where we went online to help the pastors navigate their email worlds. I
brought Kamryn to help me and help she did. Hard to help all three pastors
at the same time:) It was a good time. They now have emails, growing
knowledge of how to email and with the help of the internet cafes, the
ability to now stay in touch. The big world is getting smaller all the time!

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